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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month for 12 months. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> talking about a wild ride. multiple crashes, chaos and gunfire on the streets of orlando. >> andrea: deputies say the driver who started it all tried to steal another car to get away. >> bob: the would be victim
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holly bristow is live from the scene where it unfolded. >> reporter: investigators say what started as two hit-and-run crashes caused by the same driver caused chaos and the shutdown of pine hills road. a dodge durango with a flat tire from a bullet hole doesn't begin to tell the story of what happened. >> it is unbelievable what people do. >> reporter: peter rex neal crashed his pickup into the a saturn and kept driving down pine hills road where he slammed head on into a jeep injuring the passenger and a person in the other car. neal's car wasn't drivable but that didn't stop him. >> he took off on foot and a good samaritan saw him running and followed him to this location. the suspect stopped running then. >> reporter: this good samaritan is a retired
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>> the good samaritan/victim got out to have a talk with him as he said. the suspect ran around to the other side of the car and hopped into the driver's seat of the car and shut the door and locked himself in. >> reporter: neal tried to drive off but the good samaritan pulled out his gun. >> he fired a shot into the tire of his own vehicle so he could not flee the scene because he knew the guy was dangerous then the suspect got out of the car and came at the good samaritan/victim and the good samaritan fired another shot at him. >> reporter: that shot missed neal, the suspect, and he took off running. a deputy canine trapped him hiding in a backyard about 45 minutes later. three people were talk n to the hospital. two victims and the suspect.
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to jail for the crashes and several charges from the sheriff office in relation to what happened afterwards. we will keep you updated on that. holly bristow, fox35 news. >> andrea: changes in the air as we watch a front for the weekend. >> bob: chief meteorologist is tracking it so we know what to expect over had weekend. >> glenn: it will show up overnight saturday night and behind it there is cooler air for sunday but you will notice the changes really next week. lows swinging across the area for the evening and not produce additional rain fall. maybe a sprinkle at most. here is live radar picking up on the departing rain showers. looks good across central florida. that is what came through overnight and early this morning. scattered light showers. we are left in the wake of that with low clouds across the area that will continue for the evening.
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into clearing but the next storm is taking shape and working into the northwestern gulf of mexico. temperatures are upper 60s to low 70s. comfortable for the friday evening. cloudy skies and 60 degrees. how much rain will we get with the front as we get into saturday night and how cool it will get over the next seven-day forecast coming up later in the newscast. >> bob: a guilty plea for the local teen who told police he drove around shooting people for fun. >> andrea: this is disturbing. kelly joyce is in osceola county on what is next for conrad shafer. >> reporter: today in court, conrad shafer pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and faces 40 to life. the 18 year old entered a plea of guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. a dozen police officers, detectives, and witnesses were
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>> he knows he did it. i think him pleading guilty is the best thing for him. it is. >> is it the best thing for your family, too? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: shafer was 15 when arrested and accused in a shooting spreeilling two people in what police call a home invasion robbery. the state prosecutor, jeff ashton, said this plea deal was a win for the state and the victim. >> the judge has the ability to give him two consecutive live sentences and we would not get better than that. i personal spoke to eric's mom and she was thrilled this was finally going to be over. >> reporter: shafer's friends were also charged in connection with the shooting. conrad's lawyer didn't want to talk about the plea deal. the sentencing is scheduled for
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kelly joyce in osceola county. >> andrea: a suspect has been arrested and police are looking for another for sexual battery. they are accused of assaulting a woman inside her deland apartment. hill held the victims down while williamson raped woman at gunpoint. this happened on three occasions. hill has been arrested but they are looking for william karlsen karlsen -- williamson. a warning sent out from a principal letting the parents know guns and drugs were found in a car. the principal commended the students who reported the weapons. and deputies wrapped up two eight month investigations meant to take down more than a hundred accused drug dealers. the first is called operation ice breakers which detectives say was a major organized
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the second is operation safe neighborhood and was in response to people saying they saw drug deals happening in their neighborhood. the detectives have about 30 active arrest warrants still. a camera found inside a store rest room. >> bob: a female shopper saw it and called the deputies. here is valerie boy. >> reporter: the manager at this tobacco store was arrested after illegally recording a woman inside the bathroom. 46 year old jonathan johnson is charged with video voyeurism after deputies say he secretly videod a woman using the bathroom. >> takes me by surprise. >> reporter: the victim noticed a device with a lens and sd card hidden in a fake plant and called the deputies afterwards. this is a customer at the store: >> he never seemed odd. that is scary and a shock to know somebody would do that especially somebody who never
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>> reporter: the deputies found a device and sd card down the storm drain after a witness told them johnson was standing it over outside of the show. the victim was shown using the bathroom and johnson setting up the camera as well. >> we saw one officer come out and stop and pull in here. we were like hello. and then we saw five mor of them coming in. >> reporter: she is surprised it happened just two days over in this quite ocala strip mall. >> i am shocked. honestly. i just found out about it an hour ago. >> what was he like? >> i thought he was a nice guy. >> reporter: employees inside the car tell me johnson has been fired. he is out of jail on a $1,000 bond meanwhile. in ocala, valerie boy, fox35 news. >> bob: at this hour the president of mexico said the
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is no longer on the run. el chapo guzman was recaptured after a shoot out in his own state. it is considered major embarrassment for the mexican president because of his escape. $1 million bond for the afffluenza teen's mom charged with getting in the way of her son's capture. her son killed four people in a drinking and driving accident and put on probation. the police believe he and his mom went to mexico because he violated the probation. ethan is still in mexico. if the mom bonds out the junel ordered her to wear a device to monitor her. and the president has vetoed a bill trying to end obamacare and defund planned parenthood.
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propulsion promise to voters in election here. tonight we are tracking new developments on a terror alert. >> two middle eastern refuges arrested on terrorism charges and a look at their think to isis. >> bob: are you feeling the power ball fever? the jackpot is closer to the one billion mark. what a lousy way to start the year. the dow loosing more than a thousand points this week alone.
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>> tickets are a hot seller for the powerball drawing. >> the biggest lotto keeps getting bigger. the drawing tomorrow is worth $800 million. we found people lining up to buy tickets despite the odds >> that is the winning ticket, ladies and gentlemen. look at those numbers. i am the winner. >> bob: okay. the odds of hitting it 1-292 million, right? the drawing is at 11 o'clock and we will have the winning numbers on once they are announced. two suspects are under arrest for terror charges. >> andrea: and the men are both refuges from the middle east. >> reporter: two refuges from
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charges in the united states. one in texas where federal authorities sealed an indictment against the man who came to america in 2009. the 24 year old is accused of trying to provide material support to isis and said to have lied about his weapons training. and charged with lying about his travels to syria. the arrest are reigniting the debate about refuges coming to the united states. accepting the fleeing in the middle east is becoming a major issue in washington. the obama administration insist refuges could be welcomed while securing the safety. >> they undergo the most rigorous screening of any individual entering the united states. >> reporter: the plan to
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being stifled. michael mccall is urging a new to stop the threat. >> isis said in their own words they want to exploit the refuge program to in filtrate the west. >> reporter: the suspect in california communicated with the one in texas back in april of 2013. in washington, fox news. >> andrea: spotty showers earlier in the morning so i saved the dog walk for later. >> bob: how did the dog if he will about that? >> andrea: i thing we was like do we have to go? and i said we do. it is more for me than him. >> glenn: our forecast is looking good. i feel better about this because it looks like the weekend isn't too shabby. live picture downtown. cloudy skies and lingering moisture from this morning's rain showers still hanging
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temperatures are comfortable with the department showers holding in the 60s. there is a replay of the rain from overnight and the showers early this morning exited stage right by about one o'clock. 67 in sanford and 69 in melbourne. the same in leesburg. 64 in gainesville. humidity levels are up again. there will be more fog forming later on tonight. cooler air coming down and moisture around the area. visibility is down to a mile or less expected late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. 69 and cloudy. north wind, five miles per hour. 72 is the high today. 71 is the normal high. 59 is the morning low and that was 10 degrees warmer than it should be this time of the year. most of your saturday is rain-free. the better chance of showers is overnight.
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so when we are up and about walking dogs and cats the forecast should be good. sunny and chilly as we get into next week. 76 in miami. 57 in pens pensacola. look what is going on across the country. low pressure center there it goes. cold arctic air moving south. we are going to feel it. this is going to be monday evening cold getting down into the north florida and we will be on the edge of it. it works through the mid atlantic states. but there is another storm center forming in minnesota and latches into the more cold arctic air pushing it further and further south. keeping with the chilly weather for the week finally as we get toward late thursday and friday to coolest air will move out. highs up to 80 inland tomorrow. upper 70s toward the coastline with the breeze turning from the south.
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cooling down as we get into the end of the weekend. 80 expected for tomorrow. at least a shower. 73 degrees during the day on sunday as the skies clear and winds shift coming in from the north and west. there is the cool weather. high mid to low 60s and low 40s for a chunk of the week. >> bob: and adam is live from the daytona speedway where they are gearing up for a big weekend. hi, adam. >> reporter: hi, guys. we are officially underway in the 2016 auto racing season as cars are in the garage behind me and were on the track for the roar before the 24. the track looks a little different now as well. they are wrapping up the finishing touches on all of the daytona 500. the racing is the same and the
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it takes to win this is patience along with team work and speed. experienced drivers like five-time winner scott pruitt and ryan hunter ray rank the 24 as one of their fiefsht avorite events of the year. >> when you get to the end of victory lane with the crew and drivers, every 45 minutes making the tire change and fuel in the car, it is such an emotional exciting team effort it goes beyond comparison. >> it is a lot different. you have your car, your team, it is just you and you cater everything around what you need from the car. here is it is the opposite and more about team work and sharing with the co-drivers. we are developing a setup we can all three work well with.
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interesting mix of drivers you have. nascar guys, open wheel drivers, guys that race lamont and sports car drivers as well. a really interesting mix. testing continues here before the 24 hour race which is january 30th. for now from daytona international speedway, fox35 news sports. >> bob: he is out of the country but may be causing trouble. >> andrea: what was justin beiber doing in mexico that cops?
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>> justin beiber is in mexico this week. but the question is did he get caught with his pants down? tmz producer gary troch is live in hollywood. what is this all about?
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ruins. he was walking around the historical ruins with open beers and they felt it was disrespectful and then he climbed one of the pyramids and mooned everybody. they asked him to leave. lucky for him we spoke with the historical society out there and they said he is welcome back as long as he keeps his pants on. >> andrea: maybe he can tie the drawstring a little tighter so he can keep them up. >> bob: a lot of the ruins are align aligned with the stars but not the moons. >> glenn: a good looking afternoon tomorrow. as we get into the sunday the
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